❖Private Platinum Coaching Programs


Customized 12 month Private Platinum coaching program.  Limited space available.


12 month private Platinum Coaching Program Includes a 2 Day VIP Private Intensive Retreat, plus coaching and mentoring sessions specifically designed to meet your mindset & marketing strategies and business model & vision.  Contact Info@KristiLynnOlson.com for more information.

❖Discover Your BIG Purpose©: Business Breakthrough VIP Coaching Program

***By Invitation Only***

This program is for entrepreneurs who want to uncover their gift, capture their essence, and shape it into a strong, unique business platform that will leave their unshakeable mark on the world.  This custom-tailored, 1-on-1 VIP coaching program will help you

  • Get clear on your goals as you discover your bigger mission


  • Connect the dots between your life experiences, gifts, talents and life message as you capture your essence and identify any obstacles that may be holding you back


  • Reveal your unique gift as an entrepreneur to gain laser focus and the foundation for a strategic plan to build a profitable mission-driven business that reflects your purpose


  • Bring you into alignment with your mission and message so you can operate from your Power Spot as you build a platform that authentically expresses your value.  

By discovering your BIG Purpose first, you will find your profitable path to success in business, and in life, with grace and ease.


What's the Buzz about Coaching with Kristi Lynn Olson


“I highly recommend Kristi Lynn Olson.  Each session was packed full of content that I could immediately apply in my business and Kristi presented them in a way that made it all seem manageable.  I have been able to easily implement the strategies and processes to better define my business goals, feel more confident in my business and to be able to focus more on my clients and their needs.  Thank you, Kristi!!!”---L.C.

“Kristi Olson will teach you to sparkle from the inside out!  This class is not your typical business entrepreneur coaching class.  Kristi approaches you and your business in a holistic way.  She encourages you as an entrepreneur to discover your motives, values and lifestyle choices which give intentionality to your business. “---P.R.

“My “ah-ha” moment came during the second session when Kristi talked about solving your customers problem; finding the needs of the customer and meeting those needs.  I realized my marketing approach and my business plan missed the mark of my target audience. I was not touching their deepest needs.  I was inspired to narrow my niche and rewrite my business plan.  I’m excited to see how some simple changes to my business plan might make a big difference. “---L.H.

My time with Kristi was a threshold to the place God had called me to be and He continues to open my eyes to His calling for my life. Kristi's heart and gifting is for women on their life journey and I am blessed to have had this time with her. I encourage every woman who has a want to understand the desires of her heart and her place in the Kingdom to spend time with a coach like Kristi.---P. G.

“Kristi is a skilled coach who uncovered old wounds that were keeping me "stuck". The process of coaching with Kristi caused me to reflect  where I had been and where God was taking me.  I never felt pressure, but I did feel a sense of accountability to my coach to move forward in my business.    The real gift in coaching with Kristi happened after I completed the process.  I finished a year ago and still God brings to mind topics we discussed. I still refer back to my workbook to see how much God has grown me in a year.”---L.P.

“If you keep doing what you're doing .......you'll keep getting what you've got.  Well.......
I want more.  That's why I signed up to work with Kristi. I loved the whole experience.  It was enlightening and refreshing to learn about myself and find areas that I can work on.  I was surprised by so many things that came to light in the study and all along we got very practical suggestions on how to work on our weaknesses and turn them into opportunities for success.  Our small group of women was really fun and we learned a lot from each other.  I would highly recommend Kristi as a results coach and mentor. “--N.B.

“Kristi is skilled as a listener and encourager. I felt "heard”.   I felt Kristi paid attention to details and challenged me in areas where I needed to dig deeper. I made connections between gifting, talents and abilities to see consistency in God's design for my life.  I was able to take steps to move forward to live a more abundant life.  I still refer back to my plan to set new goals and make sure I'm on track to meet the goals I stated were important to my personal and professional development”.--S.S.



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